How stressful is a child’s photo session for parents? For some, VERY stressful!  Just getting them dressed and to the session on time makes everyone a little cranky.  And then the internal concerns begin.  I can see it on the parent’s face.  Did I dress him right? Will he smile? Will he misbehave and make me look like a bad parent?  Fortunately, this stress dissipates quickly once the session begins.  Children are unpredictable.  Photo sessions with children are similarly unpredictable.  Sometimes a happy child makes for an easy session. Sometimes it takes a little longer. Sometimes the photographer has to get really creative.  A photographer who specializes in children’s photography understands, adapts, does whatever it takes and loves the results of their hard work.

How to Prepare for a Successful Photo Session

  1. Pick comfortable clothing for your young child (birth-3 yrs) and favorite clothing for a school aged child (4 yrs-high school senior).
  2. Make sure they’re well rested. Even the teenagers.
  3. Bring a treat to offer if the child cooperates.  Yes, a bribe.  I call it a ” personal motivation tool.”
  4. Bring their favorite toy or blanket. Inside family jokes work great for teenagers.
  5. Relax.  (This is the hard part.) Once you’re relaxed, your child will too.
  6. Have fun!  I’m going to have fun.  Your child will have fun. You should too!