“My simple philosophy-take beautiful pictures, give back to the school.”

-Terri Bandenburg, Photographer/Owner

Why Administrators Choose Terri Bandenburg Photo:

  • Superior student and faculty pictures for school records, website and yearbook
  • Flexible scheduling to meet the needs of teachers and school schedule
  • Free color student photos for school office records and teacher projects
  • Free library CD and yearbook CD
  • Free class composites for school records
  • Free touched-up teacher and staff photos and ID cards
  • Free group, club and special event photo session
  • School Rewards Program generates money for school

“As principal, I can always count on picture day running smoothly and producing high quality photos. The service Terri provides covers every need where photos are concerned including school records, faculty ID cards, library, yearbook and website. Her prices are reasonable and the process from picture day to delivery is very easy. Our parents are always happy too.”

-Karen White, Principal of St. Lawrence School

“Terri connects with our students in a way that always brings out a ‘real smile.’ There is a package for everyone’s budget and she is reliable and flexible. I even like my picture!”

-Madelyn Sterchi, Preschool Administrator, St. Teresa Benedicta Parish
“As a mother; I always look forward to my children bringing their school pictures home. As PTO Chairperson, I appreciate the benefit of the mySchool Pictures Rewards program. The extra money really helps in funding our projects.”

·Shannon Schmid, Parent and PTO Chairperson
Why Parents Love mySchool Pictures:

  • Personal attention to EACH student on the picture day (no “one and done” like some of the high volume franchise operations)
  • High quality individual photos, composite and specialty products
  • Wide range of packages and specialty products at competitive prices to meet every budget
  • 100% Guarantee. Retakes available at no charge!
  • Terri Bandenburg is a local portrait and school photographer serving the Tristate area since 2003

“School pictures of my children hove been priceless keepsakes that I often look back on again and again. Even after the kids leave the house for picture day, I can rest assured that Mrs. Bandenburg is going to take the time to fix their hair; straighten their shirt and deliver me the picture we were hoping for. I’ve been very happy with the quality and the attention she gives to each and every child.”

·Suzzi Romines, Parent
“Terri Bandenburg not only tokes great pictures of the kids but works so well with them, trying to get that unique, wonderful smile. We wouldn’t have our precious pictures for each grade hanging in our hallway without her efforts and dedication. I hope the school continues to use mySchool Pictures.”

-Deb Crosby, Parent

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